India Jones

I am a vocalist and entertainer and have been entertaining the more mature audience for the last 8 years.My repertoire covers songs from the 30's to the 70's. I have a comprehensive songbook so that everyone can join in and choose their favourite songs. I also have a few instruments to make the show more fun and interactive for my audience. I like to encourage anyone who is able to get up and dance or sing and to make everyone feel they are part of the show. In a nursing home where the clients are particularly frail I will sing to everyone individually and place the mike near them so that they can sing for us all If they want too. We have lots of fun and laughs. Please visit my web page where you can see lots of photo's of my shows and you can listen to me singing. You will also find a letter of introduction for you to download with a poster if you need one for my show and a demo for you to play at home.

Act Details

Name: India Jones
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Audience participation | Comedy | Dance | Music - Country & Western | Music - Jazz | Music - Music Hall | Music - General /variety /sing along | Variety Entertainment
Equipment required: I have my own pa system and laptop that provides my backing
Performance length: from 1 hour to a whole evening
Fee charged: from £57 (£51 - £75)
Locations: Local service serving within 15km of RG128UW.
Booking notice: no minimum notice
Days of week: all days


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Contact Details
India Jones, 155 Viking, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG128UW.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

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