Classic Memories on Screen, the nostalgic cinema entertainment company. We present a show tailored entirely to the older viewers tastes. With our specialist service we bring the screen and the show to you, presented in such a way to create an authentic cinema feel. We come to you on dates and times to suit your routine. Set up our cinema screen and equipment in a communal area, creating an ambience of occasion. Project a nostalgic showcase, an entire film or a compilation of material, all combined with memorable adverts of the period, television shows, familiar names & brands, music, news stories of the day and recognisable places & faces plus other material to simulate a traditional cinema visit. We can entertain your guests. Our shows can be a one off or on a regular basis, displaying an entirely new show each time. Our services are more than a source of enjoyment, they can encourage emotional and health related benefits by showing purely relevant content. Some of which they might have seen in their youth, whilst going to the cinema with a loved one, or bring back happy memories of the period. Nostalgia can encourage a strong sense of emotional wellbeing. We are specialists in what we do. Meaning we pride ourselves on the viewers enjoying the content of our shows as much as we do. We use professional equipment to ensure a quality visual and audio presentation. Also we shall strive to fulfil any suggestions on show content. It is our desire to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Act Details

Type of act: Theatre companies
Act contents: Reminiscence | Theatre
Equipment required:
Performance length:
Fee charged: £100 (£76 - £100)
Locations: Regional service (East Sussex, Kent, West Sussex).
Booking notice: 1 day
Days of week: 7 days


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Contact Details
Classic Memories on Screen, Pevensey.

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