Beautiful SOLO VIOLIN MUSIC, duos and much more....

Beautiful VIOLIN music offer SOLO, duo. I am playing classical, latin, italian, spanish, british music on my violin with or without backingtracks. I can also provide duo with guitarist (singer) or with pianist (classical or singer). It could be something soft or something loud depending of the atmosphere that you want to create. Beautiful VIOLIN music suits many occasions and is very nice because I (we) like not only to play for elders and children but also to talk with them and share the moment with them. Feel free to call and ask for what you like!!!! DJ service available!!

Act Details

Name: Beautiful SOLO VIOLIN MUSIC, duos and much more....
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Audience participation | Comedy | Music - Classical | Music - General /variety /sing along
Equipment required: I use backing tracks, sound equipment, own transport.
Performance length: Up to 4 hours!
Fee charged: To be arrenged. The lowest fee is £55 (£51 - £75)
Locations: Regional service (Greater London, Surrey).
Booking notice: ASAP or last minute
Days of week: All days vary. Please feel free to call to check availability


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Contact Details
Connie Velez, Olive Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2 6TY.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

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