Share and Care Homeshare

What does it do?

Homeshare involves bringing together two people, often from two different generations. It address the pressing needs of two sets of people; it helps vulnerable, older or disabled people, the ” Householder”, to stay connected to society, to feel safe and retain – and – regain – a level of supported independence, to acquire a sense of value and purpose and to reduce loneliness and anxiety. Homeshare also helps the volunteers, “Sharers” (mature students, key workers, other professionals) with an affordable housing option.

For the Householder, homeshare offers low-cost, live-in practical help for just £5.00 per day which enables independence in their own home as well as some company, reassurance and a chance for a new friendship to grow.

For the Sharers, homeshare is so much more than an affordable home; it is about developing a connection with people, giving something back to society and improving their own psychological well-being. 

Share and Care Homeshare is a Community Interest Company and the most experienced homeshare provider in the UK, having been matching and mentoring homeshares for over 16 years. Share and Care Homeshare offers its service nationally across London and the UK.