Housing help and advice

What does it do?

Visit our webpage at https://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/info/20162/housing_help_and_advice

Our Housing Options team can:

- offer advice to people who want to discuss their housing problems
- provide advice on ways of solving problems, or direct them to someone else who can help
- give details of other agencies who will offer specialist advice
- give advice and assistance to those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness
- give advice concerning rent and mortgage arrears and negotiate on behalf of the customer to the building society, lender or landlordAdvice on homelessness

We can:

- explain our services and how we can assist those that are homeless or threatened with homelessness
- explain how the law around homelessness affects you
- try to prevent people becoming homeless by talking to their landlord, building society or other lender or their parents
- provide advice and assistance if there are difficulties between a landlord and a tenant
- explain about the availability of welfare benefits and how they can help make your housing secure
deal with your application for housing on the grounds of homelessness in an efficient but caring manner