Equipment and adaptations to the home

What does it do?

We aim to support you to live safely and as independently as possible. One of the ways we can do this is by providing equipment for daily living or an adaptation to your home. This might include:
- stairlifts
- wheelchair ramps and lifts
- heating & lighting
- home layout improvements
- help choosing builders
- paying for adaptations
- support from the council

Council housing adaptations

If you have a disability and your council home causes you problems, it may be possible to reduce these by altering or adapting your home to help you live life as fully and independently as possible.

What type of work is carried out?

The adaptation can be very simple like an extra stair rail or more complex like a stair lift. We organise all the work to be carried out.

Due to the demand for adaptations to homes, it is necessary to have a prioritisation system. We prioritise applications so that we deal with the most urgent cases quickly.

If your home needs a lot of changes, a move to a more suitable accommodation may be more appropriate.