Disabled Facilities Grant

grants for home improvments and adaptations

What does it do?

A Disabled Facilities Grant is given to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there. A grant is paid when we consider that changes are necessary to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical.

How do I apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

To apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant you must contact Adult Care Connect and Direct. They will then carry out an assessment of your needs.

If the changes you request aren't considered to be practical or reasonable, alternative solutions can be discussed with Adult care Connect and Direct.

A landlord may apply on behalf of a disabled tenant. Six Town Housing tenants need to apply for a DFG.

If you are a Council tenant, then adaptations to Council owned properties are not funded by a DFG but are funded by the Housing Revenue Account and the assessing Occupational Therapist will make an application for funding on behalf of tenants once they have carried out an assessment of your needs as above.

Who it is for?

You can apply for a grant if you, or someone living in your property, is disabled and:

- you, or the person on whose behalf you are applying, are either the owner or tenant (including licensees) of the property;

- you can certify that you, or the person on whose behalf you are applying, intend to occupy the property as your/their only or main residence throughout the grant period - this can range from 5 to 20 years depending on the amount of grant.

Where it is available?

Local service (Bury).

How to access or apply for it:

Phone: 0161 253 5151

What to expect then:

Once you have contacted us and we have referred you for a grant the following steps should be taken:

We will carry out a financial assessment (means test).

We will carry out an inspection of your home and provide you with a schedule of changes to be made.

You will obtain estimates for the changes to be carried out.

You will obtain planning consents or Building Regulations approval.

You will make a formal application.

We will approve the grant.

Your contractors will carry out the changes and complete the project.

It is important that you do not start work until we send you a formal written grant approval.

Additional information:

Please note: The law states that we must consider your application and either approve or refuse it within six months from the date on which the full and complete grant application is made. However, we understand the need to ensure that adaptations are delivered as soon as possible and when we receive a fully completed application we will aim to approve the grant within one month.

There is no set timescale for how long it will take to get an adaptation. It will depend on how quickly you return your completed application to us.

If you experience delays in getting estimates or completing your application forms you should notify us as soon as possible. We may be able to assist you to obtain estimates and help you complete the application form.

You could also consider using an agency service to assist you. If you are considering this option must contact us for advice on the level of fees that may be included as part of a grant, before they employ the agent.

A Disabled Facilities Grant will not affect any benefits you are currently receiving.



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