Day opportunities - find a service near you

What does it do?

There are lots of opportunities available in your local area for you or a family member to attend where care and support is provided whilst you socialise, meet friends, have a meal and take part in a variety of activities. These activities mainly take place during the day, although there are some that take place in the evenings and at weekends, they can be organised by the council or by voluntary groups and can provide a valuable break for your carer.

Available services

We can support you or a family member if you have physical disabilities, are older and frail, have dementia, mental health problems or a learning disability. Services will be tailored to your individual and cultural needs, and there is a wide range of activities on offer. You can do something social, or just sit and read the paper quietly with a cup of coffee.

Day Centres are available for you if you need quite a lot of support whilst you are there, and trained staff are on site to offer this support as required. They are usually open all day and staff will organise different activities that suit you. These could include board games, bingo sessions, guest speakers on topics of interest, craft activities, entertainment, exercise classes, day trips and much more.

Different day centres are available dependent on whether you have a physical disability, a learning disability or are older and frail.