An 'a la carte' homecare service

Care In Your Own Home with Person Care's A La Carte Service

What does it do?

Person Care staff are highly trained.  Our service is for adults who require assistance.  As no two weeks are the same, we offer an 'a la carte' /bespoke care package tailored to your needs.  During our daytime sit-ins or waking nights, we provide assistance in personal care, domestic support and shopping.  Our carers can buy the finest, fresh ingredients and cook wholesome meals that we prepare within your home.  Our a la carte service is bookable bi-weekly and can be altered  (or cancelled) at the end of each two weeks. 

Who it is for?

Adults who require support but wish to remain living in their own homes and within their community.

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 10km of B904LH.

What it costs:

£17.75/hour, payable in advance.  Day-time sit-ins are for a minimum 8 hours.  Waking night sit-ins start at 2200 hours and end at 0600 hours.  Outings with client or shopping visits for client incur petrol charges.

How to access or apply for it:

Telephone or email for further information and bookings

What to expect then:

Clients can expect a full (free of charge) consultation without obligation.  We carry out a full risk assessment to ensure safety for the client and carer.  We provide a full 'People We Support' Guide which remains in your home for the duration of the support.  We require 72 hours cancellation with no charge.

Additional information:

We do not provide less than an eight hour block service.  Within the 8 hours you can expect all meals of your choice prepared and served along with drinks; full personal care assistance; shopping visits as required; visits outside your home for appointments or to visit friends; domestic cleaning service; dog walking as required.


Info last updated:

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