Adult Social Care

What does it do?

We aim to support people to live independently in their own homes or where this is not possible, to provide alternative care arrangements that allow them to be as independent as possible.

First steps 
Everyone who is 18 or over who needs some help to maintain and improve their independence with daily living tasks will be first offered our Reablement service. This service is available for up to six weeks.

Longer-term support
Many find that the intensive support that they receive from our reablement service will mean they need less help or even no support to live independently. However some people may need longer-term support after the service has ended. More about longer-term support.

Adult carers
The council provides advice and support for adult carers who regularly look after someone who wouldn't be able to manage at home without help. Carers may be adults or young people either living with the person they support or somewhere else.