Home from Hospital

Home from Hospital, help and support for up to 6 weeks

What does it do?

When older people come out of hospital, they can need more intensive support than usual to help get them back on their feet. Royal Voluntary Service Home from Hospital services provides daily visits by volunteers for a period of up to six weeks, depending on the area they live in and what's needed.They can help with anything from making sure they have a healthy meal, walking the dog, helping with the garden or collecting shopping or prescriptions. They can provide a vital link between the older person and the outside world at a time when they are still recovering from an accident or illness.

Who it is for?

Older People

Where it is available?

Regional service (Ceredigion, Powys).

How to access or apply for it:

Call: 0845 608 0122

Additional information:

Securing people back into their home and into their community is a crucial part of what the Royal Voluntary Service does. To that end we have introduced a befriending service that begins even before the older person has left hospital. By making contact at this early stage the volunteer gains an understanding of the needs of the older person while in turn, the older person learns to trust the volunteer. Our volunteer will also check that everything is okay at home (that the heating works, for example) before the end of  hospital stay. And when the day comes to leave hospital our volunteer will be there to escort the older person home. In providing this service, Royal Voluntary Service is reducing the chance that an older person will end up back in hospital.


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