Social centres and community clubs

Community clubs run events and a chance to catch up with friends

What does it do?

Social centres come in all shapes and sizes and often provide a mid-day meal as well as a wide range of activities, from dancing, bingo and crafts to offering information to help with understanding pensions and benefits and filling in forms; others give professional health advice, run exercise programmes or house adult education classes.Community clubs run afternoon events that offer a social activity and a chance to catch up with friends locally.

We run social clubs for stroke sufferers in Lightburn and Govanhill where you can catch up with friends and enjoy some of our activities.Starting soon, we will be offering weekly social activities such as chair aerobics and local history sessions in the Merryhill area. Watch this space or call 0141 611 7665 for more details.

Who it is for?

Older people

How to access or apply for it:

Call: 0845 608 0122

Additional information:

Our activity clubs might play host to music, bingo or guest speakers. Equally we may organise trips to other venues; to indoor bowls, for example.


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