Help when leaving hospital

Help when leaving hospital in Hounslow

What does it do?

The majority of people make their own arrangements for help and support during the recovery period after hospital treatment. However if you cannot return home without help, the hospital social worker will assist you with information and advice and if necessary an assessment.

If you were receiving help before you went into hospital, the hospital social work department will arrange for this to be started again when you return home. If you were not receiving help, or need more help than before, the ward staff will contact the hospital social worker to arrange for an assessment to determine what help you may need when you return home.

Help that may be available to you includes:

  • help to wash and dress

  • help with meals and/or shopping if you are house-bound

  • help for carers

  • community-based rehabilitation services

Help is means tested and you will need to complete a financial assessment before the start of any service.

Who it is for?

People in Hounslow

Where it is available?

Local service (Hounslow).

How to access or apply for it:

To find out more contact your social worker. If you do not have one, contact the adult access team.


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