Gillian Christie Podiatrist/Chiropodist

Foot care at home by an HCPC registered Podiatrist.

What does it do?

Anyone who has difficulty cutting their own nails, has thickened or ingrowing nails, has hard skin, corn or callous, foot pain, heel pain or skin conditions. These can be painlessly treated by a skilled HCPC registered Podiatrist. Advice on looking after your own feet, on the care of the Diabetic Foot is available.

Who it is for?

Anyone with a foot problem, particularly those with thickened or ingrowing nails, corns or callous.

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 20km of SK42HJ.

What it costs:

1st Visit - Foot Health Assessment & Treatment - £32.
Standard Treatment - Toenails, corns, callous - £30.
Simple Treatment - Nail Cutting - £25.
Group Discounts are available if treating more than one person at the same address.
Some Health Insurance Policies will pay all or part of a Podiatry treatment. It is advisable to check your policy beforehand.

How to access or apply for it:

The Podiatrist can be contacted by phone, email, or via Facebook.
Telephone: 07988 757 986.

What to expect then:

The Podiatrist will return their call or email, answer any questions about their foot problem, then book a time to visit them for treatment.

Additional information:

Home visits from a highly skilled Podiatrist with 25 years experience. Caring for feet from all walks of life. Professional but friendly and gentle.


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