Welcome Hands

cheap and better quality care in your house

What does it do?

Welcome Hands is a new domiciliary care agency in Croydon.
We all know that care sometimes gets a bad press. It is no secret that some care agencies sacrifice quality of care for margins and profitability.

At Welcome Hands, we have a new approach to care. We look at our care users at customers, and accordingly, apply the latest approaches in customer centric service in order to develop a brand that become synonymous with extremely high quality care.

Welcome Hands is not interested in short term financial gains. We are interested in long terms sustainability. Quality care will only  be delivered if we have the best staff. We therefore pay the living wage to all our care workers and we invest in their long term growth and development.
Although we ensure that our care workers are highly competent and skilled in all areas of care, our training does not just focus on the technical aspects of training- we also provide our care workers with customer centric training that retail, call centre and customer service staff commonly undergo. This allows us to attract and develop the best quality staff in the market and offer our customers the best possible standard of care and service.

We are passionate about making a real difference to lives of
the people we care for, and we firmly believe that our approach will establish
our brand as a market leader in care in the years to come.

As an organisation that is directly involved with people who
require care in their home, I am sure that you would want to refer people to a
care agency that has values such as ours. I therefore look forward to working
with your organisation and providing care to people that rely on your
organisation for support and advice.

 Some of the service we are providing are :
  1. Help at home
  2. Assistance with getting up or going to bed
  3. Preparing Meals
  4. Cleaning your home
  5. Visiting friends and relatives
  6. Sightseeing and leisure activities
  7. Social events
  8. Washing and ironing
  9. Personal Hygiene
  10. Personal Care
  11. Overnight care
  12. Live in care
  13. Temporary care when family / carers are not available
  14. Short term care after release from hospital
  15. Mild Dementia Care

Who it is for?

People from 18 plus

  • dementia
  • learning disability
  • mental health
  • elderly
  • end of life care / palliative care
  • autism
  • complex and specialist care
  • beyond care
  • re-enablement care
  • respite care
  • emergency care
  • live in care

Where it is available?

Local service (Lambeth, Lewisham, Sutton, Bromley, Croydon, Merton).

What it costs:

Direct Payments

If your local authority have assessed you are being eligible for local authority funded care, then you are automatically entitled to direct payments. This means the local authority will allow you to choosethe care provider that delivers those items of care that it has assessed you as being eligible for. The local authority will then cover the cost of this.

Not eligible for local authority funded care?

If you are not eligible for local authority funded care, it is just as important to talk to us. Although you will be paying for your care yourself, you should still be extremely selective about the care provider you use. Care providers that work with local authorities may charge you a higher price than they charge the local authority, but they will not be paying their care worker any more. Private work for these care agencies means bigger profits.
At Welcome Hands, our entire operation is designed around being a private care provider that does not work for local authorities under  bulk bought care packages. As such, we take on the best staff, and we  also pay the best wages.

Our rates

Whilst we provide a top quality of service, we do not charge a top pricefor it. Our prices are set at a level which allows us to pay a  descent wage to our care workers.

£16.50 – 1 Hour visit
£12.50 – 30 minute visit
£8.25 – 15 minute visit

How to access or apply for it:

By phoning 02035150110 or  email nadeem@welcomehands.com

What to expect then:

Once received the referral, the customer need to expect a phone call and a visit by the registered manager within 48 hours.

Additional information:

Welcome Hands work for the people who use our care services, and not local authorities who typically hire care providers like us to provide care at home to the residents of their area. Being a private care provider does not however mean we are more expensive, or that you are deprived from government funding for your care where you are entitled to it. Our cost of care in Croydon is comparable to other providers- we simply provide a better service.


Info last updated:

Stoneham House, 17 Scarbrook Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1SQ