Marcus Garvey Centre

What does it do?

The Marcus Garvey Day Centre primarily caters for the needs of older African/Caribbean citizens with dementia, physical, sensory and mental health disabilities. All the staff at the Centre are from African-Caribbean background and are fully trained and skilled in caring for the elderly.

During your first few weeks at the Marcus Garvey Day Centre, we will work closely with you to carry out an assessment of your needs.

Our aim is to support you to work towards your goals and to help you have as much independence as possible. We will also maintain close links with your carers, and give support and advice where needed. We provide an activity-based service with links to other agencies. We are able to put you in touch with other organisations that can help you. You are assigned a Keyworker, who will ensure that you get the most our of your attendance at the Marcus Garvey Day Centre. If you have any problems or issues, please speak to your Keyworker.

How can the Marcus Garvey Centre benefit you?
The Centre aims to develop, maintain and prevent the loss of a person's independence by enabling people to rebuild their confidence, increase socialisation and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

At the Marcus Garvey Centre our services are built around you. Everything from meals and transport to activities and leisure time it tailored to provide you with quality of care and an enjoyable experience.

Activities: We offer interesting and varied activities including: chair-based exercise, day trips and indoor activities including arts and crafts, puzzles, quizzes, storytelling and dancing. People with dementia are looked after in our Alzheimer's group and staff carry out reminiscence and memory work, and activities designed to stimulate and encourage them.

As our care is person-centred, we try to accommodate for requests made by citizens, for example suggestions made regarding activities which they would like to take part in.

Transport: We can facilitate transport to and from the centre, for which there is a charge. There is car parking available for visitors to the centre.

Meals: You can have authentic Caribbean meals at the Day Centre. We cater for most dietary needs, and all our meals are reasonably priced.

Personal care: We provide personal care to those who require it, in a dignified and respectful manner. All our staff are fully trained in this area of care.

Representative groups: The Marcus Garvey Day Centre has members' representative groups which meet regularly to discuss and input on issues in the centre and in the community as well.