Flintshire Advocacy Services

Advocacy services for people in Flintshire

What does it do?

Flintshire Advocacy Services provide independent advocacy primarily to residents of Flintshire.
We are able to work with anyone who feels that our service is one they need, with no requirement to be in mental health services or with a formal mental health diagnosis.
We have eight paid advocates, who work with adults, older people, younger people with dementia and carer's.
In partnership with two other advocacy organisations, we provide the North Wales Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) Service for which we cover the counties of Flintshire and Wrexham.
We achieved the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark in May 2010.

Who it is for?

We work with adults, older people, younger people with dementia and carers.

How to access or apply for it:

See contact details

Additional information:

Flintshire Advocacy Services work in a way that ensures that the wishes and interests of the people we advocate for, direct the advocates’ work.
Advocates are non judgmental and respectful of peoples’ needs, views and experiences.
Advocates will keep you informed of what is being done and said by other services that may be involved.
Advocates take your side and work only for you.

Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and social justice.
Some advocacy work can take only a matter of minutes, some can take a lot longer.
There is no time pressure, your advocate can work with you for as long as it takes.


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