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Advocacy services in South East England

What does it do?

Matrix has been operating advocacy services for over fifteen years.There are many different types and approaches to advocacy, although they share common core values enshrined in the Advocacy Charter, which Matrix has signed up to.Matrix operates on a professional advocacy services model. This means the work we do is by paid professionals and is issue specific. An advocate will work with the client to help them identify the problem and the desired outcome. They will then explore various courses of action and look at the consequence of each course. Finally, when the client has identified the course of action that they think is the right choice for them the advocate will support them to see this through. Where another organisation would be more appropriate to assist, we put clients in touch with them, for example the CAB.Matrix advocates will usually work to an ‘instructed’ model of advocacy. That is, we will work only to the client’s instructions. However, if we are asked to do something that would jeopardise the professional integrity of the advocate and the organisation we would not be able to accept client instructions.The other model of advocacy we utilise is non-instructed. This is where a client is unable (due to a mental impairment or illness) to give instructions. This form of advocacy is most commonly found in Learning Disabilities and Older Persons Mental Health, where the advocate will use a variety of evidence-based approaches to secure peoples rights and dignity even if they are unable to ask for this.

Who it is for?

As well as providing a range of specialist advocacy services for different client groups, Matrix has also developed and facilitated a number of service user involvement projects with people who experience mental health and/or learning disabilities.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Hampshire, Surrey).

How to access or apply for it:

Head Office
2 The Green
North Waltham
RG25 2BQ

Tel: 01256 398928
Fax: 01256 398929

Please note that no services are delivered from this address.


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2 The Green, North Waltham, Hampshire, RG25 2BQ