Knowsley Pensioners Advocacy & Information Service

Advocacy for older people in Knowsley

What does it do?

Independent Advocacy
Independent Advocacy

What is advocacy?
When important decisions are being made about an older persons life, it can help them to have support. Many people need support at vulnerable times in their life, support to help them speak for themselves or someone to be on their side and speak on their behalf.
Is Advocacy just another word for advice?
It’s really important to make the distinction between advocacy and advice. Advocacy is not advice and independent advocates will never give you advice.
Advocacy is a supportive approach which enables the individual to retain control of their issue and retain control of their own life.
There are many situations in older peoples lives due to illness, bereavement, disability or frailty which leave people feeling that they no longer have control of their life. Advocacy support helps people through a particular issue or difficulty without taking away control. It helps maintain dignity and independence.

Who it is for?

Knowsley Pensioners Advocacy & Information Service provides advocacy and support to enable older people to obtain their full rights as citizens, so enhancing their quality of life.

Where it is available?

Local service (Knowsley).

How to access or apply for it:

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