home help/ support worker

Home help and support services, to meet individual needs at their home

What does it do?

It will help to keep elderly safe and sound in their homes, carry out all their house duties from cleaning the entire house to cooking, or making sure all health and safety is carried out, from making sure the cooker is turned off to putting away all possible hazards .

Who it is for?

Is for the vulnerable adults

Where it is available?

Local service (Southwark).

What it costs:

It cost from £10 per hour ,

How to access or apply for it:

by direct contact either by phone or via email

What to expect then:

We will respond immediately and carry out initial assessment, and afterwards agreed on date to start.

Additional information:

we are good and you need to try our services to appreciate the work we do.


Info last updated:

513 Abbey Road, Abbeywood, London, SE2 9HA