Disabled facilities grant

Help to to repair, improve, maintain or adapt your home

What does it do?

Help with home adaptations for disabled people

Who it is for?

Unfortunately, no. Due to reductions in government funding we are no longer able to offer housing assistance grants or housing assistance loans to help residents improve their homes.

We do, however, have a limited amount of funding for Disabled Facilities Grants to provide adaptations to properties to remove physical barriers that make it difficult for you to carry out ordinary day-to-day activities in your home.

Before you can apply for a disabled facilities grant, you must first be assessed by an occupational therapist (OT) who will visit you to determine what you need to help you to live at home.  If you need a major adaptation you will be referred to the home improvement and assistance team to apply for a disabled facilities grant.

The assessment by an occupational therapist can be arranged by visiting any customer service centre or by contacting us by phone:

Telephone: (01482) 393939

Where it is available?

Local service (East Riding of Yorkshire).

What it costs:

We will be happy to assist you to access information on the different ways for paying for the work. If you are on a low income or receive a means tested benefit such as Income Support or Council Tax Benefit, you may qualify for grant aid from the Council. The Staying Put Agency will apply for a grant on your behalf including filling in all forms and consulting with the grants officer, occupational therapist, architects and any other professionals involved. We will also advise you, if you have to make a contribution towards the works.

The advisory services of the Agency will cost you nothing. We offer confidential advice, support and assistance which you are free to accept or reject. If you decide to go ahead with the work, we are obliged to charge a small fee (10%) based on the cost of the works, however, this fee can be included as part of any grant you are entitled to. We will always tell you if you have to make any payment before we commit you to any charges.


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