Disabled facilities grant

What does it do?

Help with home adaptations for disabled people.

A disabled facilities grant is a means-tested council grant of up to £30,000 to assist with the costs incurred in adapting your home to allow access to normal household facilities. If the adaptation is for a child (under 19) you will not have to contribute to the cost.

This grant is available to owner-occupiers, private and housing association tenants (with the landlord’s permission) and council tenants who have had the work refused by housing services.

The adaptations must be necessary to meet the needs of the disabled person and also be reasonable and practical given the age and condition of the property.

The works include the following:

- Ramps
- Stairlifts
- Door widening
- Bathroom adaptations
- Kitchen adaptations
- Improvements to heating and lighting
- Measures to make your home safe for a disabled person
- Provision of reasonable access to a garden.