Age UK Gifted Housing Service

Donate your property to Age UK, receive support to stay living there

What does it do?

Older owner occupiers donate their property to the charity in their lifetime and then, through a legal agreement with Age UK receive a property maintenance and care co-ordination service to help them stay living independently in their own accommodation.

The charity pays for most maintenance, council tax, water rates, building insurance and emergency alarm. We also provide a care co-ordination service to support and advocate for donors who join the service,  and contributions to the cost of care.

Who it is for?

Older Owner Occupiers

Where it is available?

National service (England, Wales).

What it costs:

Older owner occupiers donate their property to Age UK in their lifetime.  There are no other costs involved.

How to access or apply for it:

Please contact Age UKs dedicated Gifted Housing team on 01225 447800 for an initial conversation.

What to expect then:

We will send you more details about the scheme. If you wish to find out more please ring us on 01225 447800 for a fuller discussion.

If you are still interested after this, and it looks as though your donation will be feasible for Age UK we will arrange to visit you to discuss the service in detail.

Additional information:

  • People joining the service are usually planning for later life and must be owner occupiers willing to donate their property to charity.
  • The Gifted Housing Service is suitable for couples and single people. Couples can be married or in a civil partnership, siblings, partners or friends living together.
  • Usually donors are in their seventies or eighties when they join the service, but we do not have an age limit.
  • Donors are owner-occupiers, either freeholders or leaseholders, living in England or Wales.
  • Many donors are looking for support with the responsibilities and/or costs of home ownership.
  • Some donors are looking for help in older age, perhaps because they do not wish to burden relatives, or they have no family able to help, or their family live far away.
  • Donors also join the service because they want to leave a legacy to charity.


Satisfaction levels with the service from current donors are very high. Donors receive a highly personalised service and are supported to stay living in their home for longer.


The service is not suitable for people who wish to leave their property to a friend or family.  


We cannot usually accept people who have a charge against the property (eg mortgage, loan or equity release) unless its value is small in comparison with the value of the property.

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