Professional Foot Health Care

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What does it do?

I treat corns, callus, ingrowing toe nails. Provide skin and nail care and advice. Prescribe orthotics and give footwear advice. I also provide diabetic foot health care. 

I also make GP referrals if deemed necessary.

Who it is for?

I provide a comprehensive foot health care service for people who live within there own home, residential care home or Nursing homes.

Where it is available?

National service (Wales).

What it costs:

I charge £15.00 for a  Standard nail clipping and for treatments including the removal of corns and callus £20.00 a further small charge for dressings and ointments.

Orthotic prescriptions are independently priced.

Concessions are made for group bookings and couples

Reflexology massage including the application of essential oil £30.00

How to access or apply for it:

Please call 01407 840134

Mobile:- 07808741604 

What to expect then:

I will make an appointment at a conveniently agreed time and date and then make a visit to the applicant in there own home.

I will take a full medical history and make a full assessment of the lower limb. This will include a neurological and vascular assessment. 

I will perform any work that needs to be carried out this will usually take about 15 minuit's.  

I will be available for the applicant by telephone should they need any advice or reassurance.

Additional information:

Reflexology massage.
Reflexology is a relaxing health promoting massage of the feet that throughout time has been used to promote a feeling of relaxation and well being.

I also incorporate the use of essential oils which will be blended as per the individuals holistic health care requirements.


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