Wonder Weeder Woman cares for your garden

Gardening getting too much? Call Wonder Weeder Woman!

What does it do?

Wonder Weeder Woman maintains your garden in the way you want - when gardens looked neglected, it gives the impression of vulnerability which can attract unwanted attention. Plus neglected gardens can make people unpopular with neighbours when plants, such as dandelion and ragwort seed freely, affecting all local gardens - especially those down wind!

Wonder Weeder Woman can also cut grass, trim shrubs and hedges, refresh flower beds with new plants, mulch existing beds - anything to help and is happy to work together with you in your garden - or just chat while working.

Wonder Weeder Woman is happy to do jobs around the house, such as cleaning and has a current, enhanced CRB / DBS check. Will also walk your dog.

Wonder Weeder Woman is works so well that she has spare capacity -  all of her current clients gardens are spick and span!

Who it is for?

Wonder Weeder Woman offers a personal weeding & gardening service to older people and people living with disability. I developed this service due to the fact that when people experience a change in capacity, jobs that used to be so simple such as weeding become almost impossible. Many professional gardeners will not weed thoroughly or pay sufficient attention to the detail of managing gardens and this leads to the area deteriorating, potentially causing distress to the home owner.

Where it is available?

Local service (Isles of Scilly, Kerrier, Caradon, Carrick, North Cornwall, Penwith, Restormel).

What it costs:

Within St Austell town £8.00 per hour
Within 15 miles of St Austell £10.00 per hour
Over 15 miles from St Austell £12.00 per hour

How to access or apply for it:

Please contact Wonder Woman Weeder via the email anethlowen@hotmail.co.uk or by calling 07805 323 713

What to expect then:

A reply within 48 hours, an initial meeting date set to visit your garden within a fortnight. At the meeting, the completion of a short risk assessment (for insurance) and a customer form so that your requirements are recorded and agreed - including the cost.

Additional information:

References and testimonials from current customers available on request.

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