Home Paperwork Assistance

A new unique service specialising in home paperwork.

What does it do?

BRAND NEW UNIQUE SERVICE, specialising in Household Paperwork.
Services to help make your life easier include:
  • Open,review, and sort mail
  • Shred unwanted papers
  • Help with letter writing
  • Spelling & Grammar check
  • Develop and improve efficiency of filing systems
  • Organize documents and related paperwork
  • Help reduce amount of junk mail received.

Who it is for?

Seniors who want to remain independent but need assistance in handling their daily financial affairs due to illness, memory
issues, or physical disabilities

Caretaker Spouses who are overwhelmed with the daily emotional and physical demands of an ailing spouse

Children of Seniors whose ability to assist their parents is limited by time or distance

Recently Widowed or Divorced

Individuals experiencing psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, which makes it difficult to concentrate on financial matters

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 10km of CT149NU.

What it costs:

£20 per hour, or part thereof.  Travelling expenses extra if not local.

How to access or apply for it:

By telephone or email.

What to expect then:

An initial assessment to discuss requirements.

Additional information:

Unique new confidential service for the elderly, the young, the disorganised ones in the community,
who wants to be able to find that important document when you need it!

One off or regular visits to help keep you organised, as you wish.


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