Lincare - home support

telecare services for people in lincoln

What does it do?

The Lincare service helps those who live in their own homes feel more safe and secure. A range of measures can be put in place including detectors and alarms that help to protect an individual from situations that may leave them vunerable.

Telecare remote monitoring

"The LinCare Emergency Control Centre has provided a 24 hour monitoring service for residents of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire since 1984, from humble, yet pioneering card driven computers to the advanced host systems of today.”
TeleCare is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies designed to manage the risks associated with independent living.
TeleCare involves placing a variety of discreet sensors around the home, to monitor for environmental risks such as smoke, floods and gas, and personal risks such as falls, epilepsy and property exit.
How does it work?
Dispersed alarm units are used to raise an alarm call to LinCare Emergency Control Centre from anywhere in the home, this is achievable by:
  • Simply pressing a radio trigger
  • Using the large illuminated red button on the unit
  • Automatically via the range of TeleCare sensors, wirelessly linked to the base unit
The only requirement is that a working outgoing phone line (in use or not) is within a metre of a spare electricity socket.On receipt of the alarm call LinCare is presented with a client’s page showing information about the sensor or detector which has been activated and comprehensive information about the person living in the property.
Is it for me?
The aims of our low-cost, high quality rental and monitoring service is to improve an individual’s quality of life by:
  • Improving the health of vulnerable people living at home
  • Enabling people with disabilities to remain living at home
  • Reducing fear and improve vulnerable individuals’ sense of safety, security and self-confidence
  • Assisting carers in their role and thus improve their quality of life
  • Lessening social isolation, whilst maintaining independence

Who it is for?

People in Lincoln

Where it is available?

Local service (Lincoln).

What it costs:

Please contact the organisation for more details.

How to access or apply for it:

LinCare Control Centre

Tel: 01522 544813


Info last updated:

City Hall Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 1DD