Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme

Community Car Scheme

What does it do?

Provides car transport for people who have difficlulty accessing other tranport options.

Who it is for?

If you are unable to make your journey by public transport or none is available, perhaps the Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme  Volunteer Drivers could help.

Where it is available?

Local service (Bassetlaw).

What it costs:

All clients must register with the scheme and become a member.
Full membership is £20 per annum.
Monthly membership is £5 and will allow you to use the scheme on a temporary basis for 1 month.
Day Rehabilitation membership is free of charge and is only for those clients whose journeys are booked directly through the Primary Care Centre.
Carers membership is free of charge and is for people who need to accompany another member of the scheme.
N.B. If you register with Day Rehabilitation or Carer membership you cannot travel with the scheme for any other purpose without becoming a Full or Monthly member.
The cost of each journey is 30p per mile for every mile the driver travels. There is a booking fee of £1 which is added to the cost of all journeys.

How to access or apply for it:

Contact: Alan Portwood
Bassetlaw Action Centre
Canal Street
DN22 6EZ

Telephone: 01777 709650

Additional information:

We are looking for more volunteer drivers in the Bassetlaw area. We pay 45p per mile for every mile that you drive on behalf of the scheme. For further information, please contact us at the address above.
The Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme is grant funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.


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