Janice Green Moving Planner Services

A fully comprehensive service to assist you in your home move

What does it do?

It offers a fully comprehensive service to assist clients in their home move. A standard fee is charged for five main generic tasks which would normally cover the issues involved in moving home.
  1. Assistance with moving options including researching properties, residential homes etc. Setting up viewings and accompanying the client (within the BH postcode area) if required.
  2. Assistance with completing property sale forms and dealing with buyers queries.
  3. Obtaining quotes from removal firms, house clearance and valuation of items. Help with sorting out items for charity collections.
  4. Contacting your utility companies with moving date, meter readings etc. Setting up services at the new address.  Contacting family and friends (up to 15), local services, pension companies, insurances and any other interested parties with your new address details.
  5. Providing support on moving day. The Moving Planner is available to pick up keys, arrange for emergency groceries, access handyman services etc (BH postcode area only).  A limited service can be offered to deal with any issues when the client is moving out of the BH postcode area.
  • Should the client need either less or more support then we can offer an alternative quotation.  The service is tailored to the clients needs allowing the client to have as little or as much support as they require.
  • The service offers an aftercare service for two weeks following the move.  This is included in the fee.  Any issues arising from the move will be dealt with and information will be available on the clients new neighbourhood e.g. doctor, library.
  • A free consultation is provided on the first visit, with no obligation.  Options other than moving home can be discussed and the service will advise on any alternative solutions and signpost information from other organisations.

Who it is for?

The service is open to anyone but is specifically for the elderly and more vulnerable clients

Where it is available?

Local service (East Dorset, West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland, Bournemouth, Christchurch, North Dorset, Poole, Purbeck).

What it costs:

A standard fee of £600 is charged for the five main generic tasks.  However if the client needs either more or less support we will quote as required.  The service can therefore be tailored to suit the client and the client will be offered as much or as little support as they request.
Upon acceptance of the price quoted the client will be charged a non refundable deposit of 10%.  However the service can be transfered to another property if the moving details change.

How to access or apply for it:

Please contact Janice Green on

What to expect then:

Janice Green will personally contact the client and arrange for a free consultation visit to see if her services are required.  It may be that the client would prefer to explore other options other than to move home and Janice Green will be able to advise and signpost the client towards other organisations.
If the client does want to employ Janice Green Moving Planner Services then a quotation will be offered, showing the amount of work required by the client.  On acceptance of the quotation the client will be asked to complete and sign a contract with Janice Green Moving Planner Services and a non refundable deposit of 10% of the total price (usually £60 if the full service is required) will be charged. In the event that a move does not go to plan, the service can be transferred should the client decide to purchase an alternative property.

Additional information:

The stress connected with moving home can be a real problem.  If you are elderly and do not have family nearby or available to help, the problems can seem even more daunting.  We have experience in dealing with the problems encountered during a move and can offer support and practical help through what can be a difficult time.

The service is primarily available to clients living within the BH postcode area of Dorset, although the service covers clients moving to other areas.  A more limited service can also be offered to clients moving into the BH postcode area from other areas.

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