Live-in care support for the elderly

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What does it do?

NATIONWIDE service. Brings to the client a 1-1 live-in support person to assist an elderly person struggling to live at home independently.

Highly acclaimed and supported by numerous positive testimonies (see website) our creativity packages deliver a live- in carer/personal assistant/companion to the elderly or disabled.

We are passionate about helping individuals to live independently in their own home right up until the very end of their lives. In our view apart from the difficult to manage dementia cases nobody EVER needs to be placed into residential care.

The service is equally of interest to an elderly couple where one party is acting as the carer. Having a live-in informal carer support relieves some of the strain and pressure the carer themselves have to cope with.

As a by-the-by issue- due to this service costing considerably less than a more conventional route it protects an individual's saving and assets.

Who it is for?

Nationwide service which is designed to support the elderly and those with disabilities. Striving to help them in maintaining their independence within the environment of their own home.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

Cost for a live-in carer.

£600-£800 per week depending on complexity and demands placed on the carer.

How to access or apply for it:

Via our website:    e mail      or tel-07561 698453 

What to expect then:

A full and lengthy discussion as to the feasibility in every individual case.

Additional information:

Plain and simple our service delivers live-in care services


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