First Contact Scheme

First Contact partners work to refer people to appropriate agencies

What does it do?

First Contact enables agencies to work together to refer people to appropriate agencies in a co-ordinated way.
When a staff member from any of the agencies involved in the scheme, such as a volunteer, police officer / police community support officer, environmental health officer, victim support staff, council worker or firefighter is in contact with a vulnerable adult by; a visit to their home, a telephone call or during their work with them, they can offer to complete one simple checklist to find out if that person has any other particular needs, for example; Information about local groups and activitiesAdvice and support for carersInformation on children’s activities for parents and guardiansAssistive Technology (e.g. Lifelines)Adult LearningGetting the right benefitsHelp with setting up a bank accountManaging financesAdvice and support for victims of crimeAdvice and support on antisocial behaviour/hate crimeSmoke alarms/home fire safety checks

Who it is for?

The scheme applies to vulnerable adults aged 18+ who are resident within Leicestershire and is run by Leicestershire County Council in partnership with the district councils, police service, the fire service, voluntary groups and other organisations that work with vulnerable adults.

Where it is available?

Local service (Harborough, Hinckley & Bosworth, Leicester, Melton, Blaby, Charnwood, North West Leicestershire, Oadby & Wigston, Rutland).

What it costs:

The service is free of charge.

What to expect then:

The staff member or nominated person for the organisation sends the completed checklist/s to a central point of contact who will then co-ordinate referrals to multiple partner organisations. A representative from the partner organisation will then contact the older person to discuss what might be available and / or to offer their services.

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