Home Care

Vericare, caring in your community

What does it do?

Provides a home care service for people who need support to live in comfort and security within their own homes.

Who it is for?

Vericare is a professional domiciliary care agency offering specialised care to people in their own homes. We provide the following types of care: Daytime, Night waking & Sleep-in service, live in care, well-being visits and discharge hospital patients.
Our Care & Support Workers provide a range of services for older and younger people who have difficulty in managing their day to day lives, our services compliment a multi professional approach and includes work with sensory impairment, physical disability, dementia and any person who cannot manage their daily routines (short or long term) within specialist or mainstream environments, with or without a diagnosis.
Vericare UK aim to support people to thrive within their own homes with the potential to work alongside community nursing teams and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and increase early, safe hospital discharge back into the community short term & long term. We aim to provide maximum care for the client through prompt home support and ongoing support for complex long term needs. 
Our care service provides individual and family centered social care, tailored to suit individuals in varying circumstances.
Vericare teams apply the knowledge, skills and experience in collaboration with other health care professionals supporting and enabling families in self caring and social development strategies. Vericare work  alongside GPs, Practice Nurses, Community Teams and other specialist teams to support and keep the client as independent as possible.
We are passionate about the services we provide to people in the local community. I would appreciate you sharing our information with whoever may be interested in quality home care. Should you have any questions or advice for me, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 10km of B693EJ.

What it costs:

Enquiries on application

How to access or apply for it:

Direct contact by web address or telephone

What to expect then:

Vericare will contact the applicant


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