Eastbourne Shopmobility

What does it do?

Eastbourne Shopmobility provides manual or powered wheelchairs, and scooters to members of the public with limited mobility. We are a registered charity affiliated to the National Federation of Shopmobility.

Our purpose is to enable customers with a temporary or permanent disability to shop in the Arndale Centre and to enjoy facilities in the town centre and on the seafront.
You do not have to be registered disabled or be in possession of an orange / blue card to use the Shopmobility scheme.

Our office is just outside the rear entrance doors of the Arndale Centre by Marks & Spencer and adjacent to the car park exit ramp.

We have a range of mobility aids for you to choose from including: Manual Wheel Chairs
Scooters, and Power Chairs

Who it is for?

People with limited mobility

Where it is available?

Local service (Eastbourne).

What it costs:

Annual Membership Fee: £15.00
Scooter - £3.00
Power Chair - £3.00
Powerpack Chair - £3.00
Manual Wheelchair - £2.00

Non Members
Refundable Deposit: £10.00
Scooter - £5.00
Power Chair - £5.00
Powerpack Chair - £5.00
Manual Wheelchair - £3.00

Temporary Hire
Manual Wheelchairs only
Refundable Deposit: £30.00
Hire Charge (per day) - £3.00

How to access or apply for it:

Telephone the service on 01323 439585, or visit the website http://www.eastbourneshopmobility.org.uk

Additional information:

If you decide to use our service on a regular basis you may find it advantageous to become a member of the scheme. This saves you having to complete a form or leave a deposit every time you need a wheelchair/scooter and members also pay a reduced fee.


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