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Occupational therapy services in St Helens

What does it do?

Occupational Therapy
What Can Occupational Therapists provide and do?

Our Occupational Therapists and specially trained occupational therapy assistants help people who have difficulties with practical everyday tasks and can give you advice on disability equipment or housing adaptations.  If you have a disability, that makes it difficult to get around or do everyday tasks we may be able to help you by providing equipment or adaptations that can make it easier for you to live independently, and more safely, in your own home.
 We can provide access to a wide range of specialist equipment to help you with all activities of daily living.

Equipment and Minor Adaptations


  • If you are struggling to get in and out of the bath equipment like a bathboard and seat or bathlift may be suitable.


  • If you are struggling getting on and off the toilet there is a variety of equipment available such as:
  • Raised toilet seats - these raise the toilet height between two and four inches to make it easier to stand up or sit down.
  • Hand/grab rails - these can be installed on the wall at the side of the toilet to help you pull yourself up.
  • Toilet Frames - these allow you to push up with both hands.
  • Commodes - if you are unable to get to your toilet.


  • Bed Raisers - your bed is too low and you struggle to stand up.
  • Bed Rails -  you have difficulty lifting your legs into bed or struggle to lie down or sit up in bed.


  • Chair Raisers - raise the height of the chair so that you can stand up or sit down easier.


  • Perching Stool - if you have difficulty standing to prepare a meal or drink  
  • Kitchen Trolley - if you have difficuly carrying food or drink from the kitchen to a living or dining room

Simple Items of Equipment

If you need a simple piece of equipment you will be given a prescription.  Either you or your carer can collect this from your choice of accredited retailer.  You will be given a list of these with your prescription.

Replacement Equipment
If your equipment does not work properly and it is still within its warranty period, then you should contact the retailer who supplied it.  If your equipment is old and worn out and you still need it, contact St.Helens Council Occupational Therapy Team on 01744 676522 for a new prescription.

Collection of Equipment
You own the simple equipment provided by prescription and are responsible for looking after it.  If you no longer require the equipment that has been prescribed for you, then you are asked to dispose of it responsibly.  You can use St.Helens Council's free bulky rubbish collection or take the equipment to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Complex Items of Equipment

Complex pieces of equipment for example, a bathlift, will be provided on a long term loan through the Community Loan Store.  The item will be ordered for you by the OT staff and delivered to your home.   The OT may want to visit you again on delivery to check the suitability of the item and provide training, or they may ask the stores driver to do this.  Some items may be reviewed by the OT Team, and will be serviced and maintained by the stores where necessary.

If the equipment breaks or you no longer need it you can contact the stores yourself to arrange replacement or collection.

Halton & St.Helens Integrated Community Store (HICES) Telephone 01928 842719 or 01928 842721.

Adaptations to Your Home 
Minor Adaptations
For example stair rails and grab rails are ordered by the OT staff and completed by the Care & Repair team as part of the Home Improvement Agency. 

Major Adaptations
We can assist you with an application for a Disabled Facilities grant for the installation of permanent adaptations like a shower or stairlift.  This grant is financially assessed.  You will be asked to complete a provisional Test of Resources as you may have to pay towards the cost of the work. 

Who it is for?

for anyone who is 18 or over and has difficulty due to old age, long-term illness or disability, or who is responsible for caring for someone.

Where it is available?

Local service (St Helens).

What it costs:

The Council is required to make charges/fees for many of its adult social care services, some of which are based on an assessment of an individual's financial circumstances.

Further details of charges/fees are available from the Adult Social Care and Health Department's Customer Finance Section. Contact Customer Finance
Telephone: 01744 676575 / 676297 / 676352

How to access or apply for it:

How to Apply for an Occupational Therapy Assessment
If you live in St Helens, have a physical disability, or you are the parent or carer of a child with a disability, telephone St Helens Council Contact Centre 01744 676600.  You will be asked for your personal details, some information about who helps you and what your request is about.

Your details will be passed to the Occupational Therapy Assessment Officer who will contact you about your application.

This information will help us decide whether we will be able to assist you with any services and how best these can be offered.

Useful Addresses and Telephone Numbers

  • Contact Centre Advisors 01744 676600
  • Tillie Jones, OT Service Manager 01744 671652
  • Duty Officer, Occupational Therapy 01744 676522
  • Assessment Officers, Occupational Therapy 01744 676500/01744 673360
  • Paediatric Specialist, Occupational Therapy 01744 676340

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