Amity Pet Care

Pet Care & Dog Walking services within the Redhill and Reigate areas.

What does it do?

Our services include Daily Home Visits, for in-home pet care, to include preparation and provision of fresh food and drinking water (as provided by the owner), cleaning of pet equipment and enclosures, suitable exercise and enrichment, as well as basic home duties (collecting of post, watering of indoor plants, etc), and home security checks.

We also offer individual and small pack/group Dog Walks, for a tailor-made exercise sessions for dogs. All dogs will remain
safely on-lead, until a good bond has developed between dog and walker.

Who it is for?

Amity Pet Care Offer Individually Tailored Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services, in the Redhill, Reigate, & Surrounding areas.

Our services are designed for pets requiring any husbandry, enrichment, exercise, monitoring, and companionship, for owners who wish their pets to receive the care and attention they require and deserve.

Whether looking for ongoing care, whilst attending appointments, or visiting family, or for holiday care, Amity Pet Care will be able to continue your pet's normal routine, helping to reduce separation anxiety, and curbing destructive behaviour.

Our services are a great alternative, for owners who don't want their pets to stay in cramp, unhygienic, noisy, and stressful boarding kennels or catteries.

Where it is available?

Local service (Reigate & Banstead).

What it costs:

All of Amity Pet Care's price plans are highly competitive, and completely bespoke packages are available, to suit individual needs and requirements. Full price plans are available on our website, along with detailed descriptions, of each of the services. We offer discounts for multiple visits, during the same day (highly recommended for optimum pet care), and discounts for multiple dog homes, for Dog Walking services.

Multiple Daily Home Visits, during the same day, are priced from just £6.50 per visit.

45 minute Dog Walks are priced at £9.00, for a single dog/£7.00 each, for multiple dog homes.
1 hour Dog Walks, are priced at £10.00, for a single dog/£7.50 each, for multiple dog homes.

How to access or apply for it:

Owners, carers, or family members, should visit Amity Pet Care's website, for full descriptions of each of our services. Contact may be made by e-mailing, or telephoning.

What to expect then:

Once a service has been provisionally booked, each new owner, will have a free initial consultation, where we shall register their details, and go through the service structure.

Additional information:

All pets should be up to date with the relevant annual vaccinations, and we recommend that dogs also have the Kennel Cough vaccinations. It is a legal requirement, for all dogs to wear a collar and ID tag (should have Surname, Postcode, Address, Contact Number). We also highly recommend that all pets are microchipped. All dogs should be well socialised, and accepting of other dogs. All pets, once a suitable age has been reached, should be neutered, for health, and behavioural benefits.


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