Community Alarm Services

What does it do?

The community alarm service provides peace of mind for people who feel at risk in their own homes. It is a 24 hour 365 day monitoring service giving you the freedom to live your life independently knowing that you can obtain assistance when you need it.

How the service works

The Community Alarm service works via a special alarm unit connected to the telephone line. The alarm unit has a built in button, which you press to obtain assistance, alternatively the alarm can be activated by a remote pendant which is worn  around the neck or on a wrist band. The range of the pendant allows use around the house and garden.

The person requiring assistance presses the built in alarm button or the body worn pendant, this send signals down the telephone line to the alarm centre where the specialist equipment is able to automatically tell staff who the call is coming from.

Your alarm call will be answered by one of our highly trained operators who will be able to speak to you without you having to lift the telephone receiver. In an emergency, the alarm operator will contact such persons as you previously agreed should be contacted in such circumstances, and/or the appropriate emergency service. You will be kept informed by our operators of any action being taken on your behalf.

Don't worry if you press the alarm by accident. The operator will enquire after your well-being and once satisfied that you do not require assistance, will terminate the call.