Room for Improvement

What does it do?

This service assesses, with the client and his/ her advocates where appropriate, changes which would need to be made to ensure that the client's belongings are organised in a way which suits them. This process involves working with the client to remove and recycle unwanted items ie those items which have become clutter due to their number.This is of practical help but also is significant in reducing the stress which is often caused by an excess of no longer relevant items of clothing, furniture, keepsakes, paperwork and a wide range of personal and household items.
Hands -on decluttering is undertaken on a room by room or whole house basis.

Who it is for?

This service is for anyone whose life or circumstances mean that they can no longer function well in their accommodation due to the amount of clutter or lack of organisation. It is also for people who need help to de-clutter and organise in order to move home, downsize, or change the way they live.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Derbyshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire).

What it costs:

The standard cost is £25 per hour and there are reductions for packages. The initial consultation session is free if a follow up de-cluttering booking is made.

How to access or apply for it:

A phone call, email or letter to Room for Improvement will lead to the offer of a consultation visit.

What to expect then:

Following the consultation visit, a letter will spell out the service offered and the costs. All offers are in the form of packages from a 4 hour one-off package to a regular, longer term arrangement.

Additional information:

All unwanted items are removed and recycled; the client's preferred charity benefits from the re-cycling. As a member of the Association of Professional De-clutterers and Organisers and the National Association of Professional Organisers, we work to a code of ethics and Terms and Conditions which ensure the highest standards of advice and sensitivity.


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