Decluttering and Organising Services

Decluttering and organising help for downsizing

What does it do?

The Clutter Fairy helps its clients by offering hands on practical and emotional support to anyone who feels overwhelmed by the stuff in their homes. This clutter may be affecting one room in their home, for example, a garage, loft or spare room or can be present all over the home. For some it may be many years of paperwork that has built up to a point where to organise and action it is too difficult of a task to tackle alone. I work with you to help you through the process of change. All decisions about whether to throw anything away are yours to make. I can offer practical advice and will help with the physical task of decluttering- selling, recycling or discarding your items. Most importantly I will work at your pace, never judge and hopefully make an arduous task more interesting.

Who it is for?

Everyone and anyone can be affected by clutter and/or disorganisation in their homes but it can be prevalent amongst older people due to perhaps downsizing, bereavement, restricted mobility or difficulties with technology. I love working with older people because it can make such a huge difference to their homes, wellbeing and future. 

Where it is available?

Regional service (Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire).

What it costs:

I charge £35 per hour. Each job is different and varies in length but an averagely cluttered room normally take around 4-5 hours. I offer a one hour consultation for £20 which will be deducted from the first days fees. 

How to access or apply for it:

If you are interested in The Clutter Fairy's service please give me a call on 07973 638003 or if you want to know more you can visit my website at

What to expect then:

The first step is a phone call so you can see whether it is a service that would suit you and then I will come to your home for a consultation.


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