Mindme GPS Personal Alarm

What does it do?

Allows you to call for help whether you are in your home or out and about. 

When you activate your alarm Mindme's Response Centre will know who you are and where you are.  You can then use your Mindme like a mobile phone and you can talk to the Operator.

Who it is for?

People who live or travel alone

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

£130 + £10 set-up fee.  A holster is available for £10

A mionthly Subscription of £14.50 paid quarterly in advance to cover the SIM card, unlimited use of the website to look up locations and the 24/7 Response Centre.  (Call charges are extra)

VAT is not included because many people can claim VAT exemption. 

There is no minimum contract period

How to access or apply for it:

Telephone Mindme (It's a freephone number)

You can order an alarm on Mindme's website by using your debit or credit card

You can ask your Local Authority or Social Services to assist in funding

What to expect then:

Call Mindme on their freephone number if you have any questions

Additional information:

If you already have a pendant then you will know that you can't take it very far when you go outside.  Mindme will work both in your home and when you are out and about. 

Mindme's GPS Alarm is accurate, efficient and reliable.  

Mindme's Response Centre is managed and operated by Chichester Careline.  Highly trained and experienced staff will answer your calls for help 24/7.


Info last updated:

PO Box 1231, Maulden, Bedfordshire, MK45 2YR