North Somerset Carelink

What does it do?

Carelink is a personal alarm, monitoring and response service that gives you peace of mind, independence and freedom.
A Carelink unit connects you to our monitoring centre which provides a 24 hour service, seven days a week.
The alarm equipment is activated when the button on the unit, pendant or wrist watch pendant is pressed.
When an alarm call is received by one of our fully trained operators they will ask if everything is alright, if you are able to tell the operator you need help they will reassure you and arrange the appropriate help. If you are unable to respond to the operator they will still arrange assistance.
Often the pendant is pressed by mistake – don’t worry, the monitoring centre staff will turn the call off after making sure you are ok.
The operator can speak to you and hear you even when you are not near your telephone, they will be able to alert your named contacts or call the appropriate emergency service if necessary.