Rushcliffe Home Alarm Service

What does it do?

Many people who live alone worry about what might happen if they need help in an emergency. Having a Home Alarm means that help is just a press of a button away. This works by linking the alarm to a response monitoring service that answers and assesses all calls and arranges the most appropriate response.

In order to have a Home Alarm installed you should have a working telephone socket with an electrical outlet close by. However if there is a problem with either of these we may be able to help. The alarm consists of a small piece of equipment that attaches to your telephone line and electrical socket and a portable radio trigger. The trigger can be worn as a pendant on a special neck cord, or on a wrist strap or clothing clip, according to preference.
People with severe physical disabilities are not excluded from having Home Alarm. A special trigger that needs only the lightest touch to activate it can be adapted to fit in any convenient location. It is only possible to connect the Home Alarm directly to a Possum computer or other environmental control system for people whose movement is exceedingly limited. 
A talking alarm is available to assist people with sight impairment and special arrangements can be made to accommodate customers with severe hearing impairment.

Who it is for?

Anyone, of any age, who feels vulnerable or at risk will benefit from having a Home Alarm installed. Whether you live alone, with family or with a partner, an alarm call can provide peace of mind, security, reassurance and independence.

Where it is available?

Local service (Rushcliffe).

What it costs:

Unfortunately there is a slight charge for the Home Alarm Service which range from £2.14 per week to £3.20 per week depending on the level of service required and individual financial circumstances. Full details on the options for purchase and hire will be discussed during the demonstration visit.

How to access or apply for it:

If you are interested in having a Home Alarm installed the Lifeline Officer can provide you with a free demonstration without any obligation. Please contact the Housing Support Team on 0115 9148 377 to arrange a convenient time

What to expect then:

If the caller is within hearing distance of the alarm she or he will be able to  talk to the operator and explain what is required. However, even if the  caller is not able to hear or speak to the operator, action will still be taken  to ensure that the caller is safe and well. The action taken under these  circumstances will be agreed with each customer at the time the alarm is  installed and will be revised immediately upon request.

Additional information:

The Housing Support Team also provide other equipment that may assist someone to live in their own home for longer and safely. These include: fall detectors, smoke detectors, fall detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas detector and shut off valve, bed/ chair occupancy sensor, radio pull cord, temperature extremes sensor, pressure mats and many more detectors and sensory devices.


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