Day Care for People with Dementia

What does it do?

The services are delivered in day care centres, however there is also the opportunity to access more individual support through our day opportunities programme.
What is available for me at a dementia day care centre?
  • group activities
  • individual support
  • information and advice
Some day care services for older people can also provide places for people with dementia.

Who it is for?

Day care services are for people with dementia who can benefit from the support offered in a group setting. These services are part of a range of services available to support you to stay in your own home.

What it costs:

There is no charge for the service. In some day centres there may be a small charge for any meals provided.

How to access or apply for it:

You will require an assessment in order to access the day care service. This is normally arranged through your local social work office.  For information on how to contact your local area service office see How to Access Services.
The day care centres can be contacted directly for information and advice.

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Additional information:

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