Wales Dementia Helpline

What does it do?

Supporting Carers & Sufferers
  • The helpline offers emotional support
  • The service will also help and support those who have been diagnosed with Dementia.
How can the Wales Dementia Helpline help you?

Sometimes you may just need someone to talk to. It can help to discuss your fears and feelings with someone who understands, but is not emotionally involved.

We have a comprehensive database of services, both statutory and voluntary, which may be able to help. Services can be local to you or national contacts, if needed.

We can also send self-help and agency leaflets to you, completely free of charge. Calls are free and you do not need to give any personal details to obtain help or information.

Who it is for?

for anyone, of any age, who is caring for someone with Dementia as well as other family members or friends.

Where it is available?

National service (Wales).

How to access or apply for it:

visit and do a Search for an agency or a service


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