Social Car Scheme

What does it do?

Volunteer service to help people with their transport needs.

Who it is for?

This service is operated by volunteer drivers who kindly offer
their time and is aimed at those people who:
- Have a disability
- Have restricted mobility
- Live in isolated areas not served by public transport
- Those whose transport needs are not met by existing
- Who are temporarily unable to access public transport

Where it is available?

Local service (Braintree).

What it costs:

Our operating procedures are as follows:
- Annual registration fee of £15.00. All users must be
registered with the scheme
- Passengers will assist with the cost of the journey by making
a contribution of £2.50 for any distance up to 5 miles. For
journeys over 5 miles 50p per mile is payable.
- Fees are payable in cash only to the driver at the end of each
- Journeys must be booked with Braintree Community Transport at
least 3 working days prior to your travel date
- Transport is totally dependent on a volunteer driver being

How to access or apply for it:

To register for this scheme or for information on becoming a
volunteer driver please contact Tracey Corcoran at Braintree
Community Transport on 01376 327357 or alternatively write to:
Braintree Community Transport,

Causeway House,

Additional information:

Please note: You are not able to use this service for hospital
appointments except for Braintree & Halstead. Please refer to
your Doctor's surgery for transport for hospital


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