What does it do?

Rural Door-to-Door Weekly/Fortnightly Shopping Service using fully accessible minibuses: This gives people who are socially isolated and/or may have a mobility problem, the chance to shop in Salisbury for a 2 - 2½ hour stay before return. Friendly drivers are available to help you with your shopping direct to your door if you so wish.
The minibus will pick you up from your door before dropping you off and picking you up again from "The Canal" in Salisbury city centre, "Shopmobility" in The Maltings just off Fisherton Street and at the Tescos Extra Superstore on Southampton Road.

Minibus Provision Service: For local affiliated groups and organisations who do not own a minibus themselves but wish to use their own drivers. Organisations own drivers are required to have official minibus driver training (MIDAS or hold a PCV). Training can be arranged through Community Transport South Wiltshire.

Community Care Scheme: Provides voluntary car drivers to take the elderly and people with a mobility problem to and from homes to facilities, be it either for social, medical, educational or leisure reasons.

Who it is for?

Community South Wiltshire offer a range of different transport services;

Rural Door-to-Door Weekly/Fortnightly Shopping Service using fully accessible minibuses; this service is available to people who are socially isolated or have a mobility problem.

Minibus Provision Service: Local community groups who need the use of a minibus but who are able to provide their own drivers.

Community Care Scheme: For older members of the community or people who have a mobility problem.

Where it is available?

Local service (Salisbury).

What it costs:

Rural Door-to-Door Weekly/Fortnightly Shopping Service: There is an annual fee of £10 to be registered to use the service. For each journey if you have a bus pass the trip will be free, if you do not have a bus pass then you will charged the local zone rate.

Community Care Scheme: An initial cost of £25 is required, each journey is charged at 48p per mile and this is taken out of the initial cost that you have paid, when the initial amount paid is running low you will be asked to top up it up. Any further questions please call  01722 410123.

How to access or apply for it:

Please call 01722 410123 to become registered or to book a journey.


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