Help in your home

What does it do?

Help to manage the daily essentials

You can get help to manage the daily essentials - to eat, wash and dress, get around your home and stay safe. You may only need help for a short while, for example if you have just come out of hospital. Or it may be for longer if you have a permanent disability or health problem.

Our carers will help you to do as much for yourself as possible.

We can help arrange other services too, such as:

Meals service
You can get pre-cooked, frozen meals, if you can't manage to prepare your own main meal, through age or disability. The cost is £2.80 per meal, for a main course and sweet, and they are delivered to you fortnightly. You can select meals in advance from a range of about 60 main courses. The meals provide all the necessary nutrients for older people.

Laundry service
A community laundry service if you have a medical condition that requires frequent changes of bed sheets.

If you receive care in your home and your needs change, please check the contact information that you were given when your care started.

If in doubt, ask one of your home carers or ask us for advice.

Who it is for?

for older people living in Edinburgh

How to access or apply for it:

If you need care and support, ask us for advice or to assess your needs: contact us as above
tel 0131 200 2324


Info last updated:

Social Care Direct, Chesser House, 500 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, 0131 200 2324, EH11 3YJ