Care Ring

Emergency alarm call service in Leeds

What does it do?

The Care Ring emergency alarm call service allows you to continue to live independently in your own home with the knowledge that help is at hand if needed.

The Care Ring emergency alarm call service involves a pendant-style monitor connected to a response centre. When you activate the alarm, this alerts the response centre where trained staff will be on hand to help and reassure you.

Safety equipment - known as Telecare, such as movement sensors and medication reminders, can be especially helpful for anyone who suffers from cognitive difficulties or confusion.

Who it is for?

You are eligible to use the service if one or more of the following apply:

  • you are over 60
  • you receive  care services  or community care
  • you have equipment or adaptations in your home to assist with day to day living
  • you receive Meals on Wheels
  • you are vulnerable and need access to help quickly

Where it is available?

Local service (Leeds).

How to access or apply for it:

For more information about the Care Ring emergency alarm, call us on 0113 224 3485. Or download the application form from the website

Additional information:

To connect the alarm equipment you will need to have: a BT/cable telephone line available in your home, and an electrical socket less than six feet from your telephone
The alarm equipment has a large button and loudspeaker. When you press the button an emergency call is made to our response centre where trained staff will help you.
You can activate your alarm from anywhere in your home. You do this by pressing a button on the small, portable pendant that you can keep with you all the time. It even works in your garden.


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