What does it do?

Three Villages Minibus provides a bus service to the surgery in Bratton, to Westbury for hospital visiting times, shopping trips to Salisbury, Devizes and Westbury and to Steeple Ashton Day Centre on Tuesday's. The minibuses are not accessible for wheelchair users. The minibus is available for use by community groups at other times.
Areas covered: Bratton, Coulston, Edington, Erlestoke, and group transport: 50 miles radius around Edington

Who it is for?

The service is for older people in the community who are not able to use public transport.

Where it is available?

Local service (West Wiltshire, Salisbury).

What it costs:

Please call 01380 830013 for details on cost.

How to access or apply for it:

Please call 01380 830013 to book an appointment.


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