Ware Road day service and resource centre

What does it do?

Our resource centre is open Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm, and is available for information and guidance on both day to day issues and equipment that may help a person with a disability to live more independently.

We provide an information and advice service, about physical or sensory disability, which is available to the general public. We can help people to find information on a wide range of disability issues such as details about specific medical conditions, contacting local or national support groups, services available from Hertfordshire County Council, local councils, private and voluntary groups, and holidays suitable for people with physical or sensory needs. Information can be accessed through computers equipped with different software and hardware to help people use them and staff are there to help, if needed.

Our mid-day meal is delivered to the centre with a choice of main courses and puddings for a set price. Special dietary needs can be catered for. Hot and cold drinks are available all day and there is also a sweet bar where a choice of sweets and snacks can be purchased.

Transport is not automatically provided for people attending Adult Care Services. User's needs will be assessed by the local Adult Care Services Area Teams to see if any support is needed with travel, and a variety of options will be explored. Where it is identified that the person requires specialist transport, the Area Team worker will arrange for it. Where transport is provided by Adult Care Services there is a charge to the person of £2 per return journey if they are assessed as being able to pay.