Luncheon clubs - Birkenhead

What does it do?

The Council has supported a number of luncheon clubs for older people for many years; as well as providing a welcome meal, they help reduce the social exclusion that many elderly people experience.

Luncheon clubs are organised by voluntary groups and provide an opportunity for people to meet, share a meal and socialise.

Many clubs offer activities and support in addition to the provision of a hot meal.

There are luncheon clubs in many parts of Wirral, most of which are operated completely independently of the Council. They can be approached directly without the need to go through social services.

There is no central or comprehensive list of clubs at the moment, although below, we have included a table of luncheon clubs that the Council is aware of, (though you will need to contact the clubs concerned before attending as information can change).

Cavendish Community Association, 1a Bray Street, Birkenhead
Monday-Friday 10.00-3.00, Elderly Day Care
£6 all incusive
Contact Pat or Paul on 653 7177

Wirral Chinese Association Multi-Cultural Centre, 111 Conway Street, Birkenhead
Wednesday 12-3pm
contact Sadie Ning on 666 4547

Prenton United Reformed Church, Storeton Road, Birkenhead
Wednesday 12.30-1.30
£3, Must know the day before if you plan on having lunch with them
contact Mrs Halliday on 652 4949

Salvation Army Luncheon Club
24 Vincent Street, Birkenhead CH41 2RH
Tuesday -Coffee morning with light snacks 10 - 1
Wednesday 11.30 -12.30
Light snack,  Selection of hot, meals prices vary £1- £2

St Saviours, Bidson Road, Oxton
contact Shelly Ranson on 653 4404, Devonshire Resource Centre

St. Peters Court, St Peters Road, Rock Ferry
Thursday Day care + Lunch
contact Shelly Ranson on 653 4404, Devonshire Resource Centre

Noctorum Community Centre
Ridgeway High School
contact Shelly Ranson on 653 4404, Devonshire Resource Centre

Bramwell Court, New Ferry
Contact Barry on 643-8293
Transport £2

Who it is for?

for older people

Where it is available?

Local service (Wirral).

How to access or apply for it:

You can contact the Central Advice and Duty Team for further information on (0151) 606 2006. Organisations such as Age Concern (653-4404), WRVS (0771 489 8599) and VCAW (203-2111) may also be able to help.


Info last updated:

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