Day support care services

What does it do?

Person-centred planning
Every person who is eligible for a day support service is offered the chance o produce a person-centred plan. This plan can be facilitated by a trained member of staff, a family member or the person themselves. The plan might be in the form of words, pictures, video or a mixture of all three.

The Life Transitions Team specialise in planning with young disabled school leavers to give them the best start in adult life with access to the same opportunities as everyone else of the their age.

Outreach services
Through person-centred planning more and more people are telling us that they do not want a building-based service. A dedicated team of outreach staff work with these people to find community-based activities and support them to be as independent as possible.

As part of this work the Integrated Services in Neighbourhoods Team can support people to find a college course or a job if they choose.

Building-based services

Some people still need a building-based service to keep them healthy and safe, or to give them the confidence and skills to become more independent. Our services offer activities and sessions to stimulate interest, develop new skills and increase confidence.

These services are delivered across the city between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00. Most buildings are open Monday to Friday, but some specialist services remain open seven days per week.